The gastronomically daring menu focuses on whole-animal cookery prepared with the utmost integrity. Each and every component has been thoughtfully nurtured by the restaurant’s executive chef, Alessandro Vianello, from field to finish. We work closely with surrounding farms and farmers to organically raise healthy, happy animals and grow custom produce. Employing classic butchery traditions and simple, contemporary techniques, Wildebeest presents delicious menus of the season. This is food for food lovers. 

From its thoughtful wine and cocktail programs to just about every beautifully presented plate on the menu, it was an exceptionally well put together, expertly run, and delicious tour de force. It might scrupulously duck the conventions of fine dining (no tablecloths, staff uniforms, complex table settings, soft music, etc.), but it’s still as fine a dining experience as can be had in Vancouver, and without any pretentious bullshit.