Your Complete Guide on Casino Cashback Bonuses and Offers

Casino cashback bonuses are becoming an increasingly popular way to reward loyal players. Many online operators in Canada are rejecting welcome bonuses in favour of cashback offers.

In this section, we go into detail about what cashback is, how to get this exclusive bonus and how to play with it. We recommend that you study the wagering requirements well and truly before proceeding with registration on the casino site.

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Casino Cashback Bonus Features

For gamblers, cashback is a great way to get back part of the lost money. Even if at some point luck turned away from the player, they can partially compensate for their losses thanks to this type of bonus. In this way, operators encourage gamblers who are upset by the loss and stimulate them to return to the gaming process as soon as possible.

Cashback is often given out as part of certain promotions. Therefore, it is important to keep track of all the news of online casinos not to miss a tempting offer that is right for you.

As for the bonus size, it all depends on the generosity of the casino. Some operators are ready to return about 10% of the lost money as part of the casino cashback bonus. But in the Canadian gambling market, there are also more generous offers of up to 35%. Before registering on the casino online resource, the player can specify the maximum amount of cashback available.

This type of reward can be offered as a standalone bonus, as part of a welcome package or as an additional offer to other bonuses.

How It Works

As a rule, cashback bonuses are received by those players who more often choose a slot machine as entertainment. When crediting funds, the casino usually takes into account the total amount lost for a certain period and the amount of each bet.

So the refund is a percentage of the amount of the lost bet. As a rule, this amount has a limit on the maximum size. Let us explain with an example: if an operator offers a cashback bonus of 20% up to $100, then $100 is the maximum refund amount offered.

We recommend that players study the information about all limits in detail before agreeing to receive a bonus. This must be done before you start playing and placing bets.

The main difference between a casino cashback bonus and other types of promotions is the wagering requirements. They, like other conditions, are fundamentally different. The player receives cashback from casino operators as a way to soften the pain of losing and to thank players for their loyalty. The gambler gets all other bonuses in order to start playing. In addition, in some casinos, cashback may not be wagered.

How to Wager Cashback Bonuses

As we said above, in most cases, operators do not require the player to wager this type of bonus. You must admit, it is not very fair to demand to win back the bonus received for the fact that you lost.

However, it should be borne in mind that many casinos usually set a maximum limit on the cashback that a player can get back as a part of a certain promotion.

Bonus Expiration Date

For those who like to play with bonus funds, there is one more important news: each bonus offer, including cashback, has a certain expiration date, and it tends to end. Do not forget about it. In order not to be upset later that you did not have time to use the bonus funds, immediately specify the offer validity period. As a rule, it is up to 60 days from the date on which the bonus was credited.

Casino Cashback Bonus: Pros and Cons

To agree to receive a bonus or not is up to the player. If you do not like to gamble with bonus money, then you may not accept all these bonus offers from your online operator.

But we emphasize once again that cashback is a kind of insurance in case of loss. Despite the fact that players who choose online slots are more likely to receive a refund, this type of promotion from the casino can also be received by playing poker, roulette or everyone’s favourite blackjack.

Based on the above, our experts have compiled a list of the most striking advantages and disadvantages of cashback bonuses. Perhaps this information will not affect your decision regarding accepting the bonus offer or not, but you should know this.

Cashback Bonus DosCashback Bonus Don’ts
Higher return rate Way to reward regular players There are usually no wagering requirements An easy way to get and use in the gameThere is a limit on the maximum amount Not all online operators provide

How to Get Cashback: Detailed Instructions

It is one of the simplest types of bonuses that online casinos can offer. Almost every registered player can get it, regardless of the chosen type of entertainment and the payment method used. Cashback is automatically credited to the account that the player has linked to their accounts.

For example, if you use the Neteller, Mastercard or PayPal payment system, the money will come to your account. When withdrawing these funds, you should not forget about the financial transaction fees and the time that such operations take.

To receive their cashback, every player needs to follow some simple steps:

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In the special Promotions and offers section, click on the Activate bonus button.

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Read all the Terms and Conditions of the bonus in detail.

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Make sure that this bonus offer applies to the gambling entertainment that you choose most often.

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After fulfilling all the conditions, wait for the cashback to be credited to your account.

Specific Events and Games

Often online casinos offer cashback for certain events or for playing certain games. Such a bonus offer may be provided periodically: every week or month, etc.

The most popular games and events that offer casino cashback bonuses are:

  • All types of online slots, including progressive jackpot;
  • Betting on various sports events;
  • Games with live dealers.

Cashback Bonus Legality

In terms of cashback bonus legality, we can say that they are indeed legal. This type of reward does not require the player to make additional deposits. Therefore, the bonus offer does not represent a greater risk for the gamblers and their funds than the one they have already taken while gambling. However, it is worth making sure that in your country, this kind of promotion from a casino is allowed and does not violate any laws.

For example, in some countries, people are prohibited not only from receiving such bonus offers but also from gambling online. Therefore, we recommend that players, before taking part in any promotions, study current legislation in their territory.

As well, note that such bonus offers can only be made by casinos that have the appropriate license. If you are not sure about the licensing authority of the casino you have chosen, it is best to stay away from them, as they may be scammers.

First, think about your safety when accepting such offers and playing for bonus money. If, for example, you are concerned about your frequent and uncontrolled stay on casino sites, study the rules of responsible gambling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cashback bonus?

It is a certain percentage of all player’s deposits that the online operator returns to them as a reward for their loyalty.

Do all online casinos offer cashback to their customers?

No. Many casinos miss out on this type of bonus. Therefore, before registering, it is worth clarifying whether there are cashback bonuses in the list of rewards for regular players of a particular casino.

How can I claim my cashback bonus?

As a rule, online operators provide this type of bonus to all players who take part in a certain promotion. Usually, the player is given a special code or link to go.

How is a cashback bonus different from a welcome bonus?

Already registered players who have spent a certain number of hours playing can receive a return on the money lost in the casino. At the same time, the second option is used to attract new visitors to the casino site. As a rule, these are rewards for new players, and loyal customers cannot receive this type of bonus a second time.

How fast are cashback bonuses credited?

As a rule, this happens instantly since this type of bonus is immediately credited to the player’s account at the casino. As soon as you receive a bonus on your account, you can start playing your favourite games. But do not forget that each bonus has its own wagering conditions.

What percentage is usually a cashback bonus?

As a rule, this figure varies from casino to casino and can range from 10% to 35%.

Are cashback bonuses and earned funds the same?

No. cashback is a percentage of the funds that you spent on casino games in the form of a bonus. In contrast, the winnings are all that you get on your account after successfully completing the game.