High Roller Casinos Review: Their Benefits and How to Become a VIP player

High rollers in land-based and online casinos are gamblers who play for big money. They are also known as casino whales. In Canada, not all online casinos offer high-stake games. However, online platforms not only welcome VIP players but also offer them a number of privileges. High roller casino benefits can range from exclusive bonuses and personal managers to VIP events and closed tournaments with large prize pools and much more.

high roller casino games

Even though the VIP program conditions may vary from casino to casino, the principles of remuneration for the so-called whales are almost the same: they are given special treatment and access to tables with maximum bets.

This guide reveals the essence of the high roller casinos and the conditions to become a VIP player.

Understanding High Roller Casinos

Players come to such casinos ready to bet significant sums. Although they get special playing conditions, the main reason why gamblers return to high roller casinos, again and again, is the feeling of excitement from winning or losing big.

High rollers of land-based and online casinos have one crucial feature – they always make big bets. Therefore, to become one of these players, you should first consider all the risks. After all, gambling in the first place is entertainment that should not pose a danger to the player.

How to Become a High Roller: Factors to Consider

There is no universal instruction on how to become a high roller. Each online operator offers different games, bonuses and wagering requirements. Therefore, the conditions for becoming a high roller are also different. To prepare, we recommend that you read about the experience of real casino whales on special gambling forums.

However, it is worth knowing that many online operators do not classify those players who periodically deposit large amounts of money into their accounts as high rollers. Here, the frequency with which the gambler makes large bets plays an important role. Below we have highlighted the factors that the administration pays attention to when choosing VIP players.

  • average bet amount;
  • how long the player has been registered in the casino;
  • how often the player plays;
  • how many games have already been played;
  • total amount of money paid out to the player.

What Privileges High Roller Casinos Offer

Those who are ready to bet big get access to a number of privileges. The set and number of rewards in each casino are different, but every high roller can be sure they will not be left empty-handed. You can learn about the advantages of a high roller casino from the table below.

+ High rollers get access to games and tables with high stakes and limits
+ VIP players are served by a support service on special terms and receive a personal manager
+ More favourable conditions of the bonus program and easy conditions for wagering bonuses (often their complete absence)
+ High rollers are the first to get access to the latest releases
– High rollers risk big sums
– The choice of decent casinos is relatively limited

Every online operator with a good reputation treats VIP players with special care and gratitude. These can be exclusive welcome packages or access to a more professional support service, including advice from gambling industry experts and 24/7 access to a personal manager.

However, not all high roller casinos faithfully uphold their responsibilities and encourage active players with a huge bankroll. Therefore, when choosing a decent gambling platform, you should definitely check the following points:

  • Level of customer support service;
  • The quality of games and online casino software;
  • Online resource security standards;
  • Large collection of high-stakes games;
  • A valid gambling license issued by a reputable authority.

Games Available at High Roller Casinos

In almost every casino, a player can bet the amount that they consider necessary. However, for those ready to play for big money, we recommend choosing online operators specializing in high roller games. The game options for the casino whales are practically no different from those available at traditional casinos. High rollers can try their luck in the following game categories:

  • Table games, including roulette and all its variations;
  • Card games, including all possible types of poker and baccarat;
  • Modern slots with unlimited jackpots;
  • Tournaments on different games with additional multipliers and exclusive conditions;
  • Live dealer games in real-time.

In terms of betting limits for high rollers, traditional table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat can range from $1,500 to $200,000. As well, casinos often reserve special tables for high-stakes VIP players. For example, exclusive rooms with live dealers.

High Stake Table Games

Given that table games are one of the most popular categories among gamblers around the world, it includes many titles for high rollers as well. They also have an additional “Double the bet” function when playing blackjack and other games.

When playing casino roulette, a whale can bet not $100, as in a regular online casino, but $1,000. So, the opportunity to win a large amount increases.

The most popular among high rollers are the following table games:

  • All types of classic roulette and its exclusive variants;
  • Blackjack with maximum limits;
  • All types of baccarat with high limits.

Online Slot Machines with Big Jackpots

The ability to hit the jackpot is the main reason why online slots are so popular among high rollers. In particular, slots with big jackpots are very popular.

High rollers usually bet from 50 to 5000 dollars per spin. At the same time, the RTP (return to player) of slot machines that VIP players choose exceeds 90%. Since the size of the jackpot depends on the amount of the bet, the winnings can be huge. Therefore, the best online casinos do not limit high rollers in terms of bet size or other criteria that are often seen in traditional casinos.

Real-Time Games with Live Couriers

Despite the exclusive conditions at high-limit casinos, high rollers often lack the thrill they get at land-based gambling establishments. Many online casinos go to great lengths to provide such an experience by developing special live dealer games using technology that brings the atmosphere as close as possible to that of physical casinos. Real-time gambling will be a lot of fun for players with a big bankroll.

According to statistics, most high rollers prefer the following real-time gambling entertainment types:

  • Blackjack with a live dealer;
  • Three-card poker with the ability to play against real players;
  • High stake Hold’em and many more.

High Roller Bonus Program

Given the size of Canada’s gambling industry, it is quite clear why online casino operators are so generous to casino whales. This also applies to bonus offers. Therefore, by becoming a VIP player and a member of the loyalty program, each gambler gets a pleasant and rich experience, fully adapted to their playing style.

Our experts have analyzed a number of high roller casino sites to make sure that they all provide VIP services for players with large bankrolls. In this part of the guide, we cover bonuses and rewards you can get by playing for high stakes on these sites, namely:

  • Exclusive welcome bonus package;
  • No deposit bonus with no wagering requirements;
  • Free spins as an addition to other types of bonuses;
  • Cashback bonus with a large percentage;
  • Bonus for a certain time of free play, etc.

In short, almost all high roller casinos offer new visitors signup bonuses. As well, a very popular way to reward existing players is deposit and cashback bonuses.

For high rollers, playing with bonus money means an even larger bankroll, which leads to a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. However, it should be borne in mind that all bonuses have special wagering conditions. Therefore, before agreeing to receive those, in addition to the general wagering conditions, pay attention to:

  1. What is the validity period of the bonus, and in what games it can be used?
  2. What is the maximum allowable bet size in games with bonuses?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a high roller or a casino whale?

A gambler who bets a lot and often. There is no fixed amount of bets here, but such players spend quite a lot of money.

Do all online operators provide bonuses for casino whales?

No. Many casinos do not take into account the high activity of gamblers and do not provide them with special benefits, including exclusive bonuses. If you are a high roller, we recommend playing online casinos specially designed for such players.

How much do I need to bet to become a high roller?

As a rule, this amount varies from casino to casino. Therefore, before registering, read the terms and conditions on the casino site you have chosen to play for big money.

Do high rollers get any benefits?

Yes, sure. Online operators tend to reward players with larger bankrolls with more attractive bonus conditions, access to private events and tournaments, and high-limit tables.

What conditions do I need to fulfill to become a high roller?

There are no step-by-step instructions on how to become a casino whale. As a rule, the gambling casino administration chooses active players and contacts them. However, in doing so, they consider some important aspects, including the bet size, players’ behaviour and the number of games they have played.

Does a high roller casino have a depositing limit?

The deposit amount for high rollers may vary depending on the casino, games and other conditions. Therefore, before starting the game, you should get an answer to this question by contacting the casino support service. Perhaps they have a fixed amount to enter the game.

Why do online casinos provide high rollers with special conditions?

The so-called casino whales come to online casinos with big sums and make big bets regularly, not just once a year. Therefore, decent online operators reward such customers and do everything possible to keep them on the site as long as possible.

Do online operators like high rollers?

Yes, given that high rollers spend a lot of money playing online games.