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  1. A Japanese expression that can be loosely translated to "trust the chef" or "let us order for you".

  2. The best way to experience Wildebeest - trust us.

to start

House Apéritif served chilled, with a twist | 7
Deviled Egg foie gras, old bay | 4ea
add acadian caviar | 6
Smoked Olives alderwood, brine | 6
Fried Chicken kimchi mayonnaise, ferments | 12
Pretzel Buns house mustard, ‘ndjua sausage, iberico cheese dip | 10


House Charcuterie | 19
cured, smoked, and preserved heritage breed pork & game, 
eastvan bees honeycomb, grand fir mustard, sourdough
add cheese & smoked olives | 18

Wagyu Carpaccio | 19
subtilia ranch wagyu, bc pine mushrooms, beemster cheese, hazelnut oil

Heirloom Beets | 17
spiced maple granola, rainbow carrots, radish,
hay-toasted water buffalo ricotta, lovage

Bone Marrow | 22
smoked castelvetrano olive tapenade, shallot, malt,
grilled sourdough, sherry bone luge


Butcher’s Block 
butchered in-house, we offer a variety of ethically sourced canadian game & beef, hand-carved and cooked to perfection.

bison tongue 14 oz | 42
lamb shank 10 oz | 47
game pie 8oz | 45

additional cuts and sizes available

Wagyu Ragu Orecchiette | 29
subtilia ranch wagyu, cacio di bosco al tartufo, basil,
preserved heirloom okanagan heirloom tomatoes

Beretta Farm Flat Iron | 35
hasselback potato, lyonnaise onions,
thyme, crown prince pumpkin, douglas fir, bordelaise

Vacche Rosse Ravioli | 29
vacche rosse, foraged mushrooms, alliums, mushroom consommé

Pacific Rockfish | 34
totten inlet mussels, celeriac, sea coriander, sauce américaine


Miso-Glazed Heritage Beans | 14
black pine miso, sesame seeds

Hay-Smoked Heirloom Carrots | 14
fig leaf yoghurt, blackcap raspberries, beach rose

Crispy Potato Puffs | 12
gruyère, capers, tarragon emulsion

honey dessert.jpg


Sweetcorn Royale | 11
popcorn, sweetcorn ice cream, corn meringue

Okanagan Peaches | 11
chantilly, peach custard, cannoli pastry, buffalo milk ice cream


Featured Farms:

Cropthorne Farm, North Arm Farm, Klippers Organics, Cherryland Farms, Unearthed Fine Veggies & Herbs, Foxglove Farm, Glorious Organics