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*SOLD OUT* Brasserie & The Beest: An exclusive 'meat' and greet with Brasserie Dunham


Located between Montréal and Sherbrooke, Brasserie Dunham opened its doors in 2011 in the town of the same name. The brewery has been rated 'Top Canadian Brewer' by and they've taken home multiple Gold Medals at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Dunham aims to explore and innovate classic European brewing traditions and pride themselves on their departure from the modern American styles that have dominated the North American craft beer scene for the last quarter century. Their beers may be aged in barrel, loaded with hops, intensely fruity, or delicately wild — either way, tasting through their lineup is sure to alight your senses.

On Wednesday, July 4th Wildebeest's secluded underground lair, Underbelly, will play host to a standup-style mingler featuring three kegs and two bottle-conditioned beers exclusively from Dunham (A pour of each beer is included with the ticket price):

  • Saison du Pinacle
  • Oro Zuur
  • Assemblage No. 3
  • Assemblage No. 9
  • Jane Doe - Assemblage Hors-Série No. 8

Tickets for this event are $39 plus taxes and gratuity and include a pour of each beer as well as snacks.