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for the table

Strathcona ‘Wakey Wakey’ Doughnuts | 5
coffee stout, tonka bean, whiskey caramel

The Poutine | 11
kennebec fries, chicken gravy, cheese curds 
- add free range egg | 2


Beest Brunch | 29
bison tri-tip, maple breakfast sausage,
face bacon, bordelaise, three fried farm eggs,
hasselback potato, sourdough toast

The Standard
two poached farm eggs, sourdough toast, hasselback potato,
and your choice of:
- grilled bison tri-tip | 23
maple breakfast sausage | 14
- thick-cut rosemary bacon | 15

Bone Marrow | 21
smoked castelvetrano olive tapenade, shallot, malt,
grilled sourdough bread
- add scrambled eggs | 4

F.B.L.T. | 17
cherrywood-smoked face bacon, lettuce,
preserved okanagan tomatoes, tarragon emulsion,
sourdough, terramera farms spring greens

Avonlea Cheddar Omelette | 16
fresh herbs, hasselback potato, sourdough toast

Avocado Toast | 15
grilled whole avocado, poached farm eggs, terramera farms spring mix,
sourdough toast, olive oil

Welsh Rarebit | 17
cache creek beef pastrami, rye bread, poached farm egg, béchamel,
grand fir mustard, terramera farms spring greens

Grilled Zucchini Benedict | 15
buttermilk biscuit, poached farm eggs, béarnaise, hasselback potato

Red Spring Salmon Benedict | 16
dill crème fraîche,capers, buttermilk biscuit, poached farm eggs, béarnaise, hasselback potato

Buttermilk Pancakes | 15
water buffalo ricotta, preserved blackcap raspberries, lemon curd
- add two slices thick-cut rosemary bacon | 6


Hasselback Potato | 5
Rosemary Bacon two slices | 6
Maple Breakfast Sausage per sausage | 5


Fresh Squeezed 12oz | 5
orange or grapefruit 

Daily Juice 12oz | 6
ask your server for the daily squeeze
served over ice


French Press 17/34oz | 7/11
full bodied, subtle sweetness with balanced acidity
available decaffeinated 

Cold Brew 12oz | 4
full bodied, low acidity with a chocolate finish
served over ice

Batch Brew | 3.5
light bodied, vibrant & complex
best enjoyed black


Nichol 'Extra Brut' 2017 | 13/60
pinot noir/pinot meunier – okanagan valley, bc

Paltrinieri 'Piria' Lambrusco N/V | 22/55
lambrusco di sorbara – emilia romagna, italy


50th Parallel 2017 | 11
pinot gris – okanagan valley, bc (on tap)


Mimosa | 10/27
sparkling wine, fresh orange juice

Long Island Iced Coffee | 12
cold brew, bourbon, rum, amaretto, marsala, orgeat

Amarocano | 13
house blend of amari, club soda, orange

Cucumber Spritz | 14
house apéritif, elderflower, cucumber, bubbles, lemon

Mamacita | 14
gin, fino sherry, rhubarb, lime, sparkling wine

Corpse Reviver & Tonic | 11
gin, lillet, cointreau, lemon, absinthe, tonic

Michelada | 8
clamato, lager, spice mix, lime